Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Arts, Double major: Creative Writing/English & Journalism



CNN –, Atlanta, GA Internship: Verify video submissions, write articles, and update CNN’s iReport homepage

Emory University, Department of Math & Computer Science, Atlanta, GA

Office Assistant: Technical and secretarial duties/ HTML skills

CBS 48 Hours, Atlanta, GA & New York City, NY

Internship: Worked on 18 episodes through the Research and Development Department

Styling with Spice, Atlanta, GA

Internship: Fashion and style editorial writer, emphasis on feature writing

Urban Debate League, Atlanta, GA

Internship: Created and taught policy debate curriculum for urban schools

Campus MovieFest, Atlanta, GA

Internship: Organized festival launch in 25 campuses across the United States

Sun Sentinel Newspaper, Delray Beach, FL

Internship: Wrote 4 articles for the New Generation segment


ETV, Emory University’s Television Station

Creative Programmer & Producer: ETV, ETV2 and ENN

Produced 3 films, two were nominated/received awards; Wrote 9 speck scripts

ChalkLine Productions (blog),

Creator & Editor

The Emory Wheel, Emory University’s Student Run Newspaper

Writer:News and Entertainment (12 stories written)

EPR, Emory Political Review Magazine

Managing Editor & Writer: 2 pieces written

The Spoke, Emory University’s Humor Magazine

Editor: 10 pieces written; Layout and Design (4 issues)

Stipe Society for Creative Scholars, Atlanta, GA

President: Awarding Atlanta artists grants for art, organizing art events and gallery showings




Final Cut Pro, Audacity (audio editing), Final Draft (Screenwriting), Microsoft Office programs, Adobe CS4: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver—HTML, CSS

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